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3 min readNov 21, 2019

Cardano’s Shelley Incentivized Testnet is about to launch; due to long wait we’ve decided that for the Incentivized Shelley Testnet, we will name our stake pool Better Late Than Never.

This is an inside joke meant to vibe with supporters of Cardano who have been around from its 2017 launch. We’re proud of where we’ve come from so we get to poke fun at it.

I have been with the project since the very beginning and the height of cryptocurrency markets in late 2017. In early 2018 I started making plans to support Input Output by operating a stake pool and further. Now that it’s finally happening, I’m launching It’s Better Late Than Never. Because… it is.

In preparation we have negotiated with future partners, regulators and legislators to find the best path forward for the Cardano project to grow in European Union jurisdiction. We have met with several lawyers, senior accountants, tax advisors, and even the information technology advisor to the office of The Prime Minister of Czech Republic.

During our preparations we had a meeting with a few people working at one bank in Czech Republic which holds the EU Banking License and is currently offering an option to buy a Bitcoin using their Internet Banking platform. IOHK ran into project delays and the project took longer than expected and the project was put on-hold, but my efforts were not in vain. We’ve discussed the cooperation opportunity again, and they are still interested if the initial requirements are met.

Going into the Incentivized Testnet my connections are still live, the vision has merit and after Shelley launch on the mainnet we’ll start executing on that vision. We hope that you’ll join us at Better Late Than Never. But before you start delegating stake, let’s tell you a bit more about it; when the time is right and you can actually delegate to our pool.

We have several of must-meet and should-meet project quality gates; first of which is that operation of our Cardano Stake Pool will be able to cover operational expenses associated with much more powerful infrastructure than that which is actually required to operate an enterprise-class Staking Pool for Cardano.

Our idea is to use two ARM based enterprise-class servers with sufficient cores and memory, deploy SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on top and operate a stake-pool as a virtual-machine using KVM virtualization atop this rock-solid infrastructure platform. This will make our stake pool both highly available and disaster recovery proof. But more importantly it will give us a solid infrastructure platform on top of which we will be able to build other services we have in a pipeline should the incentivized testnet be successful not only for Cardano project, but also for 2ⁿᵈ Layer.

I can’t talk much about what projects we have in a pipeline yet; that will be the fuel we’ll give Cardano’s community members during the Incentivized Testnet to attract their delegations; more coming soon…



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