dCloud — High-level Technical Plan

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2 min readMar 15, 2021

When I first heard the word cloud, it was all about Infrastrcuture as a Service) IaaS services, I, Mark was involved in Real-Time Infrastructure PoC at Tieto, where we built a PoC with many vendors including NetApp and Cisco.

Now, the word cloud means SaaS (Software as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service), however we are unable to develop a sustainable, decentralized, distributed SaaS and PaaS cloud, without Infrastructure as a Service to build on top.

I talked many times on the topic of PolderCast, I am still in touch with Nicolas Di Prima, former IOG emploee who quit to take care of his family, and he works on his own PolderCast and Noise protocol messaging protocol. He is also on-board with the initiative to build a full Cardano Node as per specs + engage in interoperability testing, discover ambiquities, properly update the specifications and keep on par with IOG development for at least validating network relay node, not necessary a software you can run your block-producers on, but it should be one or more of all SPO relays version, alongiste the Haskell implementation.

I am currently procuring a new hardware to proceeed to Phase I of the “mine monero on CPU, Storj on HDD”, to calculate an ROI, it represents a portion of the different project. Our plan is to replace the Storj need for satelite nodes which are source of centralization by a Ourobor based Proof-of-Stake side-chains, with montly checkpoiting to on-chain Cardano, XMR and Storj rewards will be sold to ADA and placed to Cardano Plutus written treasury, which will enable on-chain governace of dCloud side-chain on Cardano main-chain. Also the fungible dCloud Governance Tokens are to be distributed to people involved with the project, or simply interested in the project.

We already have allocations registered on GitHub for interest in the project, and early contributions. We have implemented entire server-side Ouroboros Networking protocol, which is yet to be changed substantially after addition of P2P. We are also applying for Fund 3 funding, to further improve on this library, and update the out-dated, or misleading documentation.

Our Rust Crate is also used by Andrew, who is behind CNCLI tool for SPOs, and we would like to invite Nicolas Di Prima on board to work on Rust Cardano node, who was previously working on Jormungandr for IOG, he left for personal reason, I did not poach him away from IOG, I was actually quite surprised by both his and Vincent’s departure.

In the IaaS part of the business we see following comperirors for 3 major resources:
- Compute
- Storage
- Networking

We plan to design few optimized nodes to provide these services for the infrastructure providers and then expose industry-standard and our own APIs for our own SaaS offerings, such as Backup as a Service, or Render as a Service.

Let’s hope we suceed in Fund 3 and submit dCloud proposal for Fund 5! Bright future ahead, indeed.



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